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The magic of slime in the Thames

by Vic Keegan

Slime on the Thames that reduces the carbon footprint







LET’S MEET the commuters of London Town

But not the humans of dubious renown

Who flood daily across the capital

With faces pale and without committal

Congesting the town with cars and scooters

Carbon spreading, such bad commuters.


Stop now for once and clear your mind

To thank commuters of a different kind

Though to see them there is no hope

Without a hugely enlarging microscope

Showing trillions of critters small and scaly,

Vertical commuters, who twice daily

Rise to the surface looking like slime

But photosynthesise in Mission Sublime

Providing oxygen from the Thames brine

Helping to offset the City’s decline

Which could have become even more tragic

But for the Thames and its foreshore magic

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