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Therapy for writer’s block (caught in lockdown)

by Vic Keegan

UNTIL it hit me it was just a joke
Something that happened to other folk
If it happened at all
And I was not just in thrawl
To some confected scare
A sort of of malade imaginaire

Who would dare to go to the doc
To complain about suffering from writer’s block?
But I did and he was quite emphatic
It was likely, he said, psychosomatic
Tell me the symptoms, he asked, with a hint of a mock
While he glanced I think at a nearby clock
I said in a bid to clear his doubt:
“There are words inside me that won’t come out”
Ok he said with a knowing grin:
“Take this twice daily, this aspirin
I’ll write a prescription said the doubting doc
Unless, of course, I get writer’s block”.

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