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The endless journey of the Thames

by Vic Keegan

The Thames Flow

London is curiously at ease,
Invaded twice daily from overseas
But the Thames knows
Where it goes
Its tide with the moon communes
Mornings and afternoons
Changing its course
Each time flowing back to its source
But then sent back on a journey courser
By the moon, its remote enforcer
Administering a tidal shock
So, before it gets to Teddington Lock
It does reverse thrust by necessity
To journey back to the Thames Estuary
But at a little less than walking speed
It’s clear that not all its waters will succeed.

So later on with tidal remorse
It heads once more back to its source
Washing the banks of London as it goes
Often with the same water as before
Nothing has changed since days of yore
The moon guides the water from afar
Of the Thames, our riparian rock star
Just like Londoners there’s no disputing
The Thames loves its daily commuting.

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